Gloria Twine Chisum


Gloria Twine Chisum, Photograph by Wyndham Leigh, 2007. Courtesy Oklahoma Hall of Fame Archives. 

Profession: Scientist

Hometown: Muskogee

Inducted: 1984

Dr. Gloria Twine Chisum graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a doctoral degree in experimental psychology in 1960. As a scientist, Dr. Chisum taught psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, conducted research at the Naval Air Development Center, and worked as a consultant for all branches of the U.S. Department of Defense. An active community member, Dr. Chisum has dedicated her time to civic activities, even long after her retirement.

Dr. Chisum's work as both a pioneering scientist and generous civic leader has improved the lives of many. A pioneer of experimental psychology, she became the head of the Environmental Physiology Research Team at the Naval Air Development Center in Pennsylvania. Her research led to optical advancements in protective eyewear for pilots. Outside of her laboratory, Dr. Chisum's pioneering spirit led to her position as the first Black woman to join the University of Pennsylvania Board of Trustees. A generous civic leader, Dr. Chisum served on the boards of organizations such as the Free Library of Philadelphia, the Arthritis Foundation, and the Philadelphia Savings Fund, among others. For her prodigious scientific career and civic leadership, Dr. Chisum has received many awards including the George Washington Carver Scientific Achievement Award.

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