Jerrie Cobb


Jerrie Cobb, Photograph. Courtesy Oklahoma Hall of Fame Archives.

Profession: Aviator & Civic Leader

Hometown: Ponca City

Inducted: 1976

Jerrie Cobb's interest in flight began early, having learned to fly at age 12 and earning a private pilot's license and commercial license by age 18. Although Cobb was denied work as a pilot and astronaut because of her gender, she became a record breaking aviator and the first female astronaut trainee. Believing her true purpose was to help others, Jerrie Cobb dedicated her talents to humanitarian work in the Amazon.

Jerrie Cobb's legacy is that of a pioneering aviator and generous humanitarian. Persevering through prejudice, Cobb proved that women were capable pilots by setting several aviation records for speed, distance, and altitude. Cobb pioneered the way for women in spaceflight, being the first woman to test and ranked among the top 2%. Despite excelling in the program, NASA declined to make Cobb an astronaut, believing women did not belong in space. Cobb decided to use her talents to help others as a missionary pilot. Flying solo, she established new air routes across the Andes Mountains and Amazon rainforest. For her work, Cobb received the Harmon Trophy, a Nobel Peace Prize nomination, and a place in the National Aviation Hall of Fame.

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